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of cars, toyota is now madly searching for answers to its latest safety problem, this with that suv. take a look at this video from consumer reports. the company is trying to figure out why it rolled over in a test, and consumer reports put out that really unusual alert about the don't buy rating for this thing. let's talk about what it means to toyota's bottom line as well. jon: a bank robber who thought he'd get away with the perfect crime until he met up with the guy behind him. a hero who foiled the bank robbery, we'll talk to him next. jane: in the heart of ak pull countero in -- acapulco, six people were killed, five hit with stray bullets, about a dozen cars shot up, the victims, none appeared to be tourists, most were innocent bystanders on the street. investigators in mexico aren't sure what led to the shooting but acapulco has seen its share of drug violence. jon: he is a pulitzer prize winning war photographer who has just updated his resume, now he is also a crime fighter, the gentleman from the beard there was standing in mine -- in line, minding his own business at a wells f
to get to some business news this morning, some new troubles for toyota, it looks like, state farm is asking the auto maketory repay them for claims it paid for the crashes related to the acceleration problems. you can imagine if other insurance companies follow suit, it could end up costing toyota a bundle. let's get to jenna lee, she's got more. >> reporter: this is happening more frequently than we thought. i got off the phone with state farm insurance, they cleared up this report in usa today which basically says there have been accidents involving the toyota with a state farm customer, and what happens is now that state farm already paid to cover that accident they're going back to toyota and saying this isn't the fault of the driver, you guys owe us money because it wasn't the driver's fault, it was a problem with your car and this massive recall that's going on, so state farm insurance says yeah, that's true, we're looking into toyota but that's happened with multiple insurance companies, with multiple different auto companies as well. there's constantly the back and forth b
, hundreds of crashes, and, a massive fine for safety violations, for toyota, it seems like there is more bad news every day. so why are sales booming? for the automaker? and, many of you watched the story unfold live, here on "happening now" a texas man, crashes his light plane, into an irs building in austin texas. now the 911 calls from that terrifying day, are out. we'll play some of them, in just three minutes. >> witnessed a plane crashing on 183 southbound... we think it hit a building, the echelon building. >> a plane... >> yes. a private plane. [ female announcer ] grass stains, believe it or not, i have missed you. pollen in the air kept hunter cooped up itching his eyes and sneezing. but now i found zyrtec®. it's #1 allergist recommended. with children's zyrc® he can get 24-hour allergy relief indoors and outdoors. ♪ now he can run wild... with the rest of the pack. with children's zyrtec®, he can love the air®. and now try children's zyrtec® perfect measure®. a premeasured spoon. just twist squeeze and go™. it says that when you buy whoa grand caravan,? a premeasured spo
people killed, their deaths linked to toyota's acceleration problems. if that doesn't outrage you enough, wait until you hear who knew what and when. some new incredible information coming out of the washington hearing. >>> plus do you stay home from work when you're sick or bring your germs to the office? like it or not, playing hurt is the thing to do these days. jenna has more on why. jon: bottom of the hours, time for a check of the top stories, "-- happening now, dangerous gases force crew necessary west virginia to abandon the search for the four missing coal miners, the crews got within 1000 feet of the rescue chamber where they might be before they had to turn around. >>> middle box, president obama getting ready to host a dinner with 11 central and eastern european leaders, just hours after the president and his russian counterpart signed a new arms control treaty. >>> bottom box, antigovernment protestors in thailand plan a massive street rally tomorrow in defiance of a state of emergency there, the red shirts, as the po testers are known, have been trying to force the prime mi
. tomorrow -- five weeks. tomorrow will see the key march employment numbers come out, and toyota sales are booming in japan, up 50% last month. ford sales in china and local partners there, they jumped about 84% in the first quarter. let's get to eric bolling from fbn. what's going on here? >> well, initial claims which is the weekly number, they dropped 6,000 so that means 6,000 fewer people than the last week applied for unemployment insurance. that's the good news. a little bit more good news, tomorrow it looks like most analysts and most economists expect jobs to be created for the month of march. that's only the second time a month had job creation and last time was a year ago march, 64,000 jobs were created, and we've seen just month after month of job losses. so tomorrow the expectation is anywhere between 175,000 jobs created and 200,000 jobs created. the other piece of good news. now a little bit of the bad news, a lot of that job creation tomorrow ising with attributed -- being attributed to two major factors. number one, the census. the census has hired hundreds and hundreds
is wheeling and dealing. toyota is dishing out some sweet savings to get customers back into the showroom. how sweet, you say? how about knocking thousands of dollars off the sticker price? and the video is incredible. there was a shooting on a chicago corner. the cops showed up. a video journalist showed up, and minutes later another shooting. the whole thing caught on tape, and you will see it next. nature knows just how much water vegetables need. so, to turn those vegetables into campbell's condensed soup, we don't boil it down, our chefs just add less water from the start. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ this is why we do this! freedom! the open road! no doubt! and progressive has great coverage and policies starting at just $95 a year. i dig that! most bikers do -- that's why progressive is number one! whoo! whoo! let's renew up. yeah, that sounds good, man. do i have any bugs in my teeth? no, you're good. number one in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. [meow] desperate for nighttime heartburn relief? for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptom
for toyota, transportation secretary ray la hood says the u.s. plans to seek a $16.4 million fine against the automaker, saying toyota knowingly hid safety problems from regulators. >>> bottom box, treasury secretary tim geithner travels through india today as part of a new effort to forge closer ties with that nation. geithner is there to promote trade and investment. jane: right now we're waiting arraignment of three of the nine teenagers charged in the bullying case in massachusetts. fifteen-year-old stevie -- phoebie prince killed herself in january, prosecutors say she suffered what they called unrelenting bullying, set to be arraigned today, 217-year-olds, one spls 18-year-old, you'll see it on the screen, this will happen in massachusetts. molly line is in north hampton president the teenagers themselves are not going to be in court. why is that? >> reporter: their lawyers have essentially filed paperwork waiving their right to appear so they'll be represented by counsel but will not be here in person. shawn mulville of south hadley, criminal har hsment, violation of civil rights a
're saying don't buy this car. needless to say, again, tough news for toyota whose reputation has been damaged by all of these recalls. i should mention this lexus not a part of the recall that we've been talking about over the last few months. but toyota did have this to say about the consumer report announcement today, lexus saying, quote, we're concerned with the results of consumer report's testing on the lexus gx-460 and they're suggested buyer recommendations. >> we should mention this car is the 2010 version of this lexus gx 460. it only went on sale in this november. only about 5,000 have been sold, and in real life circumstances there have been no actual reports, that we know of, of any deaths or injury because of what consumer reports is describing. jane: wow. jenna, thanks very much. jon: president obama getting down to business at the nuclear security summit that he called in washington. the president warning world leaders this morning the risk of a nuclear terror attack has gone up. take a listen. >> just the smallest amount of plutonium, about the size of an apple, could
by greece could derail recovery efforts here in the united states. jon: "happening now", toyota troubles, the japanese carmaker is voluntarily recalling about 50,000 sequoia suvs from the 2003 mole year to fix a stability control problem. >>> middle box, nearly all of anne electronic's diary is on display for the first time inside the amsterdam home where she hid from the nazis for two years. >>> bottom box a rare spring snowstorm socking new england, some spots in northern vermont hit with more than a foot of snow. jane: time for a quick check of the markets as investors are worrying whether a growing financial crisis in greece could we see something similar in the united states and could it affect our markets. analysts say the problems are to blame. demonstrators have taken to athens after the nation's credit rating is downgraded to junk status. these problems may seem like a world away, but the problems they're facing there today could potentially be our problems in the not-too-distant future. greg palkot is live in london. what's the latest? >> reporter: as that drama continues to pl
rumbled back to life shooting smoke and steam into the air. wow. bottom box, toyota suspends sales of the 2010 lex us gx x 40 after consumer reports gave the suv a rare do not buy rating due to safety concerns. jane: nasa's scrambling to fix a problem with the brand new cooling system on the international space station. astronauts could be forced to make an unexpected space walk. flight managers are having no luck opening a freshly-installed nitrogen tapg. problem is not putting the astronauts in dame, but if it isn't fixed in the next few days, nasa could be forced to turn off some of the station's electronics. jon: the first man to walk on the moon slamming the obama administration's plans for the future of nasa just one day before the president visits florida to deliver a space policy speech. neil armstrong and fellow astronauts signing an open letter criticizing the decision to scrap nasa's program that would have sent americans back to the moon. joining us now, one of the signers of that letter, captain jim lovell. he was the apollo 13 commander and navigator for apollo 8. als
. jon: in the top box, toyota is agreeing to pay a record fine of more than $16 million all part of it massive recall over gas pedal problems. the fine is the largest penalty ever paid by an automaker to the u.s. government. the middle box, a recount ordered for some votes cast in the recent elections in iraq. the move sparked by a complaint from the incumbent prime minister nouri al-maliki. the recount will cover fife provinces -- five provinces including baghdad n. the bottom box, the vatican marks five years since pope benedict's election, and today he hosted a lunch with about 60 cardinals who cheered and offered their applause. to florida, now, where that state's senate race is getting all kinds of attention. after vetoing a republican-backed education bill, the chairman of florida governor charlie crist's senate campaign resigned. there is also speculation that crist may leave the gop and run as an independent. happening this hour, former presidential candidate and massachusetts governor mitt romney officially endorses crist's gop primary opponent marco rubio. phil keating
. at the top of the hour. jane: 41 minutes past the hour, "happening now" in your top box, toyota is resuming sales of its suv, the gx 460. the car company had suspended sales because of the rollover concerns. it says a software fix for the problem is available at your dealership. >>> in the middle the government is recalling thousands of simplicity and ghraib codrop did graco dropside cribs. the defect is linked to at least one debt. >>> on the bottom, rivals to thailand anti-government protesters are calling for military action with the red shirt activists blamed for plunging bangkok into chaos last several weeks. the red shirts as they're known are fighting for new elections. jon: new, never-before-seen footage of volcano in iceland. you remember it shut down your spleen airspace for days. grounded 10 of thousands of airplanes around the world. guess what? a "national geographic" team was first video crew on the scene of that violent volcano. they captured every dramatic moment before, during and after the eruption. joining us is the director of that team. you had people on the ground even
insurance industry and the recent toyota sudden, unintended acceleration problems. but two years ago, i saw an opportunity to finally enact health care with the election of a new president. i thank president obama and speaker pelosi for their leadership, to pull us across the line as we finally health care a reality in this country. while legislative accomplishments have been a significant part of my career, perhaps the thing i'm most proud of over 18 years is helping you, my friends, my nabe fwors and my -- neighbors and my constituents. we have helped tens of thousands of constituents resolve problems and cut through the tape. problems such as helping secure benefits through the veterans or social administration. or helping with a national problem at the irs or securing the medals of a service member who valiantly served our country. we helped people obtain passports, secure local mail delivery service and obtained funding to weatherize our homes to money. these may seem like little things but to me and my staff they're some of the most important things we do. i want to thank the members
and 15 percent think toyota is the better car. again, a little bit of a difference, but not necessarily a huge difference like you've seen in the past, jane. jane: jenna, how is our investment in general motors working out for us as taxpayers? >> we do have big news with general motors saying they're paying back the remaining $6.7 billion, part of that loan, they're paying back $4.7 billion, the more than $6 billion total, so that's one part of our ownership in general motors, though. we still own 60 percent of that company. that comes to roughly more than $50 billion. but we're really not going to know just how much we have invested until we hopefully get paid back and that's when general motors will once again sell shares to the public and hopefully we'll get paid back then. a quick note, ed whittaker, will be appearing on television commercial talking about the fact that gm did pay back this loan early. he also is going to be going to d.c. tomorrow to give a report back to congress about just what our investment looks like and by the way, jane, he is going to be traveling on a charte
developments concerning toyota. according to documents obtained by the associated press, the company notified its european distributers about sticky gas pedals and other problems with the corolla model weeks before telling the u.s. government. jon: there's a major showdown that pits animal lovers against each other. on one side, cat lovers. on the other side, those who love birds. and who's caught in the middle? taxpayers. adam houseley, live in los angeles for us. what's going on with these animal activists feuding in california, adam? >> reporter: yeah, jon. simply put, it's cats versus birds here in los angeles. some groups claim literally thousands of ferrell cats here in --er ifal cats here, so there was a plan in place where the city co-sponsored a private group that would go out, trap these cats and then sterilize them releasing them eight or nine days later. well, the audubon society says, hold on, more than one million birds are killed by these cats every year, so they filed a lawsuit. the courts agreed with them and stopped the city funding. the private group is still doing it, but
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